RP Global started its activities more than twenty-five years ago as part of an Austrian Bank (then Girozentrale, later merged into ERSTE BANK). Specializing primarily in hydropower, the Company implemented some twenty small hydro plants in Austria, and diversified into wind energy projects in the mid-2000s.


In 1991, RP Global acquired Hidrocentrais Reunidas, a Portuguese company with a portfolio that included the rights for 30 potential hydropower projects. Ten of them were subsequently developed, financed and constructed within the group.


In 1994, RP Global signed an agreement to enter a 50:50 Joint Venture with US utility, Pennsylvania Power and Light, (PPL, US) for the development, financing, implementation and operation of a small hydropower portfolio in Portugal.

1994 - 1999

In the late 90s, the first Spanish hydropower plants – Villa Los Angeles, Rueda and Xerta – were implemented on the Ebro River, with an installed capacity of some 25MW. A merger with Madrid-based Minicentrales Dos resulted in a portfolio of seventeen small hydropower plants in operation in Portugal and Spain in 2004.


In 2000 and 2004, RP Global issued two 30-year, AAA monoline insured bonds – the first project bonds of this kind – with a total amount of approximately €220 mil.


Between 2004 and 2010 RP Global grew into new markets and began to focus on wind energy. The company bought out PPL’s share,  entered an agreement for a development portfolio of about 600 MW in Poland, entered the French market with the acquisition of four wind parks.

Three wind parks were financed and constructed in Poland, including one 50 MW project, and three hydropower plants totaling 23.3 MW in Portugal. In 2009, the 11.3 MW hydropower plant, Canedo, became the winner of International Water Power & Dam Construction’s Small Hydro Award.


In 2011, RP Global split from its Spanish partners, most of the Iberian hydro portfolio was sold and RP Global  focused on the development of its pipeline in Europe and South America.


In 2012, RP Global signed a Joint Venture for its Polish activities with ‘Marguerite Fund, The 2020 European Fund for Energy, Climate Change & Infrastructure.’ The construction of a Polish wind park with a capacity of 54 MW was also started as part of the joint venture with the Marguerite Fund, financed by both the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and PKO Bank Polski.


In 2013, RP Global started construction of a Croatian wind park with a capacity of 43.7 MW, Croatia’s largest wind park, which was financed by the IFC and the Unicredit Group.


In 2014, Danilo was connected to the grid and RP Global's second Croatian project, the 34.2 MW wind power plant, Rudine, achieved financial closing and started construction.

2014 was also the year of another joint venture - with Galt & Taggart, Bank of Georgia's investment management business – to develop and build a portfolio of hydropower projects within a new ‘Hydro Fund’.


In 2015 the construction of the 34.2 MW wind power plant Rudine was completed and Rudine started it's test operation.

Marking a successful transaction, RP Global sold a portfolio of three French wind parks, with a total capacity of around 50 MW, to German insurance group Talanx. These french wind parks, dubbed "Enclave", started construction in the same year, while our latest Polish project, the wind park Kukinia 2, was completed.

2015 also marked the start of construction of our new Portuguese project, HPP Vilar do Monte.


In the coming years RP Global will focus on bringing its greenfield pipeline projects in Argentina, France, Poland, Spain and Tanzania (wind+solar), as well as in Peru (hydropower), Portugal (solar) and Nigeria (solar) to construction. We are also looking to diversify, by investigating battery storage and green hydrogen possibilities in our project development. The company is currently developing several wind, hydro and solar PV projects all over the world, all the while continuing to identify and attract long term stable investors for its operating assets.


In 2016 the windfarms Rudine and Kukina 2 were commissioned. It was also the year the French wind farms Enclave (49.5 MW) started operation.

In addition, RP Global became the majority shareholder of the Tanzanian Joint Venture Jumeme and sold a 49% stake in the Croatian wind farms Rudine and Danilo to Mirova-Eurofideme 3.