8.7 MW Hydropower plant, Portugal

Technical Data
Total installed capacity7.7 MW
Turbine typePelton
Number of turbines1
Modular flow1.08 m3/s
Net head387.3 m

Project description

The hydropower plant, Ermida, is located in the municipality of Castro Daire, in the district of Viseu. It uses the water from Pombeiro River, a tributary of the Paiva River. The hydropower plant consist of a 750 rpm Pelton turbine, a 9 m high dam with a 2.5 m high flap gate and storage reservoir, followed by a 3.9 km penstock and a power house. The entire pipeline is buried in order to minimize any aesthetic or environmental impact.

Construction was completed in 1993 and the plant was sold in 2011.

Factsheet (pdf)