Hybrid Solar Joint Venture

Technical Data
Solar Power60kWp
Diesel Genset30kVA
Batteries240 kWh C10
Inverters54 kVA
Distribution Grid7km
No. of Connections250
Start of Energy SupplyFeb. 2016

Project Description

RP Global has become the majority shareholder* in JUMEME Rural Power Supply Ltd., a solar energy service provider with an extensive pipeline of solar projects in Tanzania. JUMEME – Rural Power Supply Ltd. is a fully integrated energy service provider, developing off- and on-grid renewable energy projects in Tanzania. The extensive pipeline of projects aims to provide energy services to more than 100,000 people and 2,340 shops and small businesses by 2018.

By 2022, JUMEME aims to supply high quality and reliable electricity to 1 mil. People and to have a grid-connected installed power capacity of 200 MW.

*The other shareholders are made up of INENSUS, TerraProjects and St.Augustine University.
Pilot project in Bwisya, Ukara Island (Tanzania):

  • The development of the first solar-hybrid mini-grid system already started in August 2015 and the system is in operation since early 2016.
  • The mini-grid has been implemented in the village of Bwisya on the Lake Victoria Island Ukara.
  • During 2017, the mini grid system will be expanded to the other 7 villages on the Island, resulting in an installed solar power capacity of 380 kWp and 81 km of low and medium voltage distribution grid.


European Union

Co-funded by the European Union