43.7 MW Wind Power Plant, Croatia

Technical Data
Total installed capacity43.7 MW
Turbine typeEnercon E-82
Number of turbines19
Tower height78 m
Rotor diameter82 m

Project Description

The project Danilo is currently one of the largest wind parks in Croatia. As such, it makes out more than 10 percent of Croatia’s installed wind energy capacity. Danilo supplies about 25.000 households with clean electricity, effectively reducing Croatia’s carbon footprint by 33.300 tons of CO2–equivalent per year.

The wind park is situated about 15 km from the Adriatic Sea and the town of Šibenik, on three adjacent hills. The project was well received by the local community, who participated in every phase of development.
Financing was provided by the IFC, Unicredit Vienna and Zagrebačka Banka.