34.2 MW Wind Power Plant, Croatia

Technical Data
Total installed capacity34.2 MW
Turbine typeGE 103, 2.85 MW
Number of turbines12
Tower height85 m
Rotor diameter103 m

Project Description

Rudine is RP Global’s second wind farm in Croatia. The project started construction in 2014, finished construction in 2015 and was commissioned in early 2016.

The 34.2 MW wind park is located on the Adriatic coast near the town of Slano, 32 kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik. It ups Croatia’s supply of wind power by 11 percent, thus further reducing the country’s carbon footprint. RP Global’s partner for the €53 million project was Adria Wind Power, and financing was provided by the IFC and Unicredit Bank Austria.

“Tough legal framework notwithstanding, we meet the highest current environmental standards and – thanks to IFC - [we were finally able to implement] this project which has the perfect location for the efficient use of wind as an energy resource.”, states Bojan Reščec, Country Manager of RP Global in Croatia.