Fond Gerome & Mont d’Hézèques

2 x 8 MW Wind power plants, France

Technical Data
Total installed capacity2 x 8MW
Turbine typeEnercon E-70
Number of turbines2 x 4
Tower heightFond Gerome: 85 m
Mont d’Hézèques: 64 m
Rotor diameter70 m

Project description

The two wind farms Fond Gerome and Mont d’Hézèques are located 45 km from the coast in Northern France, in the region of Pas-de-Calais, close to the town of Fruges. They are integrated into a larger park of 70 WEC’s in a mainly agricultural area. The projects can supply enough electricity for 16,000 inhabitants. Financing was provided by Banco Commercial Portugues (BCP) and Banco Millenium Investimento. Today, the majority shareholder is Prime Renewables Gmbh. Mont d’Hézèques started its commercial operation in March 2008 and Fond Gerome in July 2009; RP Global France was responsible for commercial and technical operations until early 2018.

Factsheet (pdf)