Fresnes en Saulnois

11.5 MW Wind Power Plant, France

Technical Data
Total installed capacity11.5 MW
Turbine typeNordex N90
Number of turbines5
Tower height100 m
Rotor diameter90 m

Project description

The wind farm Fresnes en Saulnois is located in “la Moselle,” a flat region in the east of France. Built on a large, level area in front of a broad valley, the site is perfect for a wind farm due to the perpetual strong winds. The project can generate enough electricity for 11,500 inhabitants. Financing was provided by Banco Commercial Portugues (BCP) and Banco Millenium Investimento. Today, the shareholder is Prime Renewables Gmbh. Fresnes en Saulnois started its commercial operation in January 2009 and RP Global France was responsible for commercial and technical operations until early 2018.

Factsheet (pdf)